How the Disruptive Technologies changed my perception of life

Based on a well-known quotation that is floating around, the single steady thing on the planet, is change. This is particularly true with regards to technology and how disruptive technologies are transforming how we live our lives nowadays. There are thousands of examples of such firms/technologies, but here I’ve compiled some of the firms which have had an impact much stronger than the others. All these have actually changed my life and the way I go about things now. A couple of them made stuff possible where they weren’t before, while a couple of them lead to better productivity. Lets carry on, hoping that you love having a peek at these innovations that are brainstorming.

Using technology as a way of making payments is rapidly growing, and Apple Pay is one of the newest technologies for this particular goal. For the past several years now, I have always preferred to go cashless it’s potential. Swiping at my credit card was always my primary way of payment until Apple Pay came along and made it even simpler to make payments. I’m an early adopter of Apple Pay and I have been hooked to it ever since the first time that i began using it. The main difference may sound small but you wish every merchant will start accepting Apple Pay shortly, once you have started using it.


For anybody who shares files online frequently, you’ll understand just how frustrating it might be occasionally. The syncing of larger files between many computers has always been a pain in the neck for the majority people though email might have no major problems with handling a few MBs of attachments now. Then came Dropbox. Dropbox absolutely transformed how we do our file organization and completely revolutionized how many firms and small businesses function. Most incredibly, Dropbox has interrupted the whole online storage company and bring the expense of storage down to nearly non-existent for nearly all us. There are other companies like Microsoft, Google and Carton who can arrange and store files but I prefer Dropbox for its user-friendliness.

The idea of social media has been existent for a long time but it was Facebook that made social media a fundamental portion of our everyday lives. Though this social media site has had its fair share of controversy, its impact has been so enormous that a large part of the political leaders on earth are today embracing it as a political medium and tool. It’s simply an amazing phenomenon to many of us due to how it lets us join with quite a few our long lost buddies. As of end of 2014, Facebook boasts of nearly a billion users, making its database the biggest on the world. I wonder when that day will come when every individual on this particular planet is a Facebook user.

With more people using smartphones nowadays, Internet traffic is exploding and data is becoming more and more affordable. SMS or short Messaging System has been with us since the beginning of the cells, but another messaging system, Whatsapp had brought it down from its throne. Now, SMS has been disrupted by Whatsapp, from the simple rationale that Whatsapp enables its users to text and convey more efficiently and better. Starting a group is painless, and with a single click you can now broadcast or text a message to a whole group readily. Before Whatsapp, that’s considered a herculean undertaking if not impossible. Facebook in 2014 resulted in the revolution caused by Whatsapp’s company valuation propelling to $20 billion, and eventually acquired it.

Myself’m not tech savvy as such, but I do try to stay updated with the newest technologies so that I can remain relevant. Every day you’ll find innovation or a new technology created. I am sure the train of innovation won’t halt here. There’ll constantly be more industries being revolutionized and more disruptive innovations. In case you have any exciting technologies or some comments to share, do feel free to drop your opinion below.

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