Forget Amazon. This beer firm has started their shipping utilising the drones!

It may be here sooner than we initially anticipated. Yes, it is the use of civilian unmanned aircrafts that we are talking about.

Likely, it is Amazon who is most responsible in creating all of the excitement that we are hearing in regards to the usage of unmanned aircrafts. With the recent holiday delivery hiccup still fresh on our mind, Jeff Bezo is probably right in speculating that unmanned aircraft is probably the perfect solution to his last-mile delivery problem and FAA was quick to respond to that. 20 states have already been granted the license to launch these drones for research purposes.

A small beer brewery company, Lakemaid Beer, has gone one-step further. They have really dispatched their orders using drone delivery. Its ads aired during the latest Super Bowl show clearly stood out from the rest and it gets everybody thrilled. The bad news is FAA is quick to react. The company was soon given the order to stop such delivery. Many marketing students could obviously tell it’s one amazing PR stunt. Nevertheless, I still need to take my hats-off to Lakemaid Beer.

What we are seeing here might be the tip of the iceberg on what’s to come. As sky could be the limit, we’ll never understand what the future holds until it becomes a reality.


How I wish it was my beer the drones were delivering. Life must continue for now!

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