A new take on the Strangest Places on Earth

There are many fascinating things ending and some of them just don’t have any logical explanation to its source and on the planet. The variety of areas that are odd to find in the entire world is plenty, but a number of them really outdo the remainder regarding weirdness. As someone who loves traveling and finding uncommon things concerning our world, I’ve as of late compiled a record of the most unexpected places to be found. Though a majority of these areas and I haven’t visited, I will certainly see if I get a chance and included them in my compilation. So, I thought that I should share them with you and I hope you are going to enjoy.


Each one of us long to retire finally in our life. Our thoughts about ideal retirement depend on individual thinking but there’s one town, a house of retirees, that recently made the headlines. Situated in Florida, this retirement hometown is referred to as The Villages and is reputed to be among the largest retirement communities on the globe. With its location in a place like Florida, this town would seem to many like an idyllic retirement home. However, this is far from the reality on the ground with The Villages having been recently thrust into the limelight due to the absolute number of scandals and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) reported there. The vast presence of golf courses, country clubs, eateries and pubs may sound to be a great place but not when outside sex and scandals are uncontrolled.

The colour of azure is a favorite to many people because according to the color theory, it’s symbolizes equilibrium and depth. In case your favourite colour is blue, there is a must-visit town in Morocco for you. Set against the spectacular backdrop of lovely mountains, everything in this city was painted in blue hue. Aside from the fascination of seeing blue a visitor turns, many flock to this town due to the lodging that is affordable it has to offer, making is a popular touristic area. Visualizing how everyone seems when walking along the streets that are blue is already rather intriguing. It’s something for me to find out and I am hoping I will get the answer soon.

New Zealand is quite well-known for its sheep people that is multiple times bigger than its human population. One strange place that I’ve found lately is a city where the number of the dead is more compared to the amount of the living. This weird, spooky city is home to fewer than two thousand living individuals and over 1. 5 million dead people. This fact alone should give you a good idea of how spooky a place it’s and every corner of the city must have been become a graveyard. While there are not any particular reasons for seeing such a location, you can don’t hesitate to check it out next time San Diego is in close view.

Situated in Cyprus is Varosha city except that no one is living in the city that looks as good as normal from afar. Unlike its glory days as one of Cyprus’ favorite tourist spot, this city is now nicknamed the Ghost City as it’s definitely no inhabitants. Following the Turkish invasion of 1974 which drove all residents away from the town, it has never been inhabited. No one ever came back to this place and the invasion was left entirely immobilized in time since that time even after it was over. The city looks just like it did in 1947, minus the residents that once lived there, if you look at it from a distance. Just considering stepping into this city itself is enough to give me a goosebump.

Mine was merely a small compilation of the most bizarre of places that are found on our planet. In my opinion, seeing such areas is crucial for anybody who is looking expand their outlook of the entire world and to be amazed. A number of them sound a bit too frightening for me, but I still cherish the idea of seeing them one day. A thousand words may be described by a picture but I am sure experience and the feeling is something that you may get only when you land your feet on such positions. As I find more strange and extraordinary positions, I’ll try to keep my list up to date.

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