A peek into my life story

I’m not pretty sure what your mindset is but for me personally, full-time office job is quite frankly not my cup of tea. I used to think that corporation was the one and only way that any person should undertake. I do not forget the times when I was in college and look at those folks in their business outfits, I thought they were fabulous. Unsurprisingly, I was highly charged after college commencement and was determined to map my career success.

A couple of years subsequently, my opinions have taken a remarkable u-turn. What I at one point of time deemed to be fabulous and fascinating ended up to be terrible. Do not be wrong. I managed to enter among the many Fortune 500 firms and I’m not kidding you. Subsequent to enduring 2 years of suffering perched behind the worktable everyday and hoping for the clock hand to hit past 6 pm, I made the decision that I had enough.


Some people I spoke with label me of acting hotheaded but I can make certain to you that it is not the case and prior to making my big decision, I carried out my research and look around my friends who happened to graduate from the same year as me. Believe it or not, quite a large number of whom I spoke to were in the same conditions or more terrible than me. I can surely convey to you that financial isn’t actually the issue in this case. In view that our country is still digging ourselves from the financial slouch, we were properly remunerated.

My occupation could not be more stable. Really, it has been the office infighting that triggered my choice. I love to be just the way I am and cannot stand it if I have to show a side that I am not. I really like reasoning and arguing but only when folks disagree on the worth of an idea rather than some hidden intention. I imagine myself 20 and thirty years down the road and picture how miserable life might possibly be if I needed to be caught in such ‘corporate confinement’. Life is brief and too valuable. Since my commitment to call it quit, I will never look backward and it is a commitment that I won’t feel sorry for.


For me, I am still more fortunate than most of my classmates as I kept my way of life bare and accrued adequate savings over the two years to enable me to embark upon my passion now. Guess how my life is today? (hint: I devote most of my time in the pantry) I could very well need to work longer hours with lesser pay but I don’t ever have to turn to my watch everyday just to wait for the time to strike past 6.

This blog is part of my interest and side activities. I treat it as my personal diary, albeit a digital one. If you think my articles or blog posts good, that is brilliant. But regardless of if you don’t, thanks once more for stopping by.